Monthly Meetings

Aug 21 -24, 2104 StarParty

Join us all guest and general members on Thursday Aug21 - 24, 2014 at RavenHill Discovery Center.

NOMAC Star Party!!!

The meeting dates have been changed this year, and although they are always on a Thursday at 7:30 PM, we have planned them to be close to the optimal observing time each month.  We hope to do some observing after each meeting, weather permitting.  If this is during the winter months, make SURE to dress extra warmly. Click here for the 2014 monthly meeting calendar.

Next Meeting - Sept 25, 2014

Reminder - Meetings at 8:30pm May - Sept.

Other Announcements

13 Great Summer Binocular Sights

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Grab your binoculars and explore the False Comet, Barnard’s E, and 11 more stellar targets. By Phil Harrington..



NOMAC's 3rd Annual Star Party

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Aug 21 thru Aug 24 2014. Check out the details..



Upcoming Local Events

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Great Lakes Star Gaze. Sept 18 -24 2014. Check website.